Python Web Traffic Probability Calculation and Plot
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Looking for a python function and plot that plots the probability of a peak number of web calls for a given time period. For examples assuming:
avg is an average amount of calls in an hour.
A function like:

def pcalc (average = avg, probability = p):

# p is range starts from .001


A plot function where:

y_axis is the probability in %.

x_axis is the number of web calls for the time period

The plot needs to show the distribution curve like what's below; options that provide better insight and visualization welcome and rewarded.

from scipy.stats import poisson

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt.

x2 = pcalc(avg).

plt.plot(x2, poisson.pmf(x2,tph)).

plt.title("Probable Peak Calls")

plt.xlabel('Calls per Hour')

plt.ylabel('Probability %').


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