Python script returning an array of precise musical notes, that were being played within an indian classical music performance recording or live performance.
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Python script, returning an array of precise musical notes, that were being played within any Indian classical music performance recording (.wav and .mp3).

See the definition of Indian classical music at this wikipedia link:

It consists of many different Raag (Also called as Raga). The concept of a Raag closely resembles the concept of a musical scale in western music; however the Raag has 2 main distinct features, 1) it is fixated on a tonic note reference or the base note, which is continuously being played on an instrument Taanpura generating a drone sound in background. 2) All other notes (minimum count of notes = 4 within in an octave) being played with reference to the base or tonic note, are predefined and are of a pattern or a set of notes belonging to that Raag.

So, one of the many features of any Raag performance is the distinct pattern of notes being played. However, there are many occasions, where the given name of the Raag is incorrect or not known to audience/listener because of many reasons and that is where such a program - which can identify the pattern of notes being played/sung - can be useful to identify the name of Raag from audio/recording of the performance.

So the input should be any recorded .wav or .mp3 file containing a raag performance which should be processed to retrieve the sequence or set of notes that were sung/being played.
input example:
Output of the program: {E, G, A, C, D# }

Can you give a little more information? Example inputs and outputs would be great.
B44ken over 2 years ago
Hi, I've updated the post with elaborate description.
VYAS22 over 2 years ago
This seems complex. Maybe email me personally and we can talk about it?
B44ken over 2 years ago
Hi Please send your cv, intro and quote at, or let me know about your email id which i can't find at present.
VYAS22 over 2 years ago

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