Python Holoview Object error
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I am tying to follow a simple example with different data.

Example code:

My modification replaces the data use for the graph:

But results in the following error:

ERROR:bokeh.core.validation.check:E-1001 (BAD_COLUMN_NAME): Glyph refers to nonexistent column name. This could either be due to a misspelling or typo, or due to an expected column being missing. : LegendItem(id='1245', ...)

You seem to be referencing to a links object on line 17 and 19, but you don't seem to be initializing the object with links = pd.DataFrame(data['links']) first.
Wuddrum 1 year ago
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This works for me:

import pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
from holoviews import opts, dim
from bokeh.sampledata.les_mis import data

# trying to use different data here
data={'nodes':[{'name': 'Fred',         'group': 1},
               {'name': 'Barney',         'group': 1},
               {'name': 'Wilma',      'group': 1},
               {'name': 'Betty',     'group': 1}
    'links': [{'source': 1, 'target': 0, 'value': 1},
              {'source': 2, 'target': 0, 'value': 1},
              {'source': 2, 'target': 1, 'value': 1},
              {'source': 3, 'target': 2, 'value': 5}
              ] }


links = pd.DataFrame(data['links'])

nodes = hv.Dataset(pd.DataFrame(data['nodes']), 'index')

chord = hv.Chord((links, nodes)).select(value=(4, None))
ob = chord.opts(
    opts.Chord(cmap='Category20', edge_cmap='Category20', edge_color=dim('source').str(), 
               labels='name', node_color=dim('index').str())), 'out2.html')

Apart from not setting the links object, the problem was in your last link, it was 'source': 3, 'target': 3. A link can not reference itself.

Perfect, thank you!
broadreach 1 year ago