Python 2 -> Python 3 Tektronics Oscilloscope ISF binary file data extraction
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A Python 2 script exists to perform this task:
I need it to work in Python 3.
Deliverable is a Python 3 script for extracting the binary data from a Tektronics ISF file to an array.
The code should be made publicly available on GitHub.

Test Data:
JDelport over 2 years ago

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1 Solution

I converted it using 2to3, but I don't have any test data to check that it working correctly, but seems that all should work because there are no any 3rd-party dependencies. My repo:

Hi - I have tried that - it didn't work - the cmp() statement is not valid python 3. On this repository, I share some test data:
JDelport over 2 years ago
Thank you for example! I fixed cmp and encoding issues, but seems that provided file couldn't be processed because it's covered by one of this cases:
drakmail over 2 years ago
It's headers of provided file: {'bytenum': 2, 'bitnum': 16, 'encoding': 'BINARY', 'binformat': 'RI', 'byteorder': 'MSB', 'wfid': 'Ch1, DC coupling, 1.000mV/div, 400.0ms/div, 10000 points, Sample mode', 'pointformat': 'Y', 'xunit': 's', 'yunit': 'V', 'xzero': -1.996, 'xincr': 0.0004, 'ptoff': 0, 'ymult': 1.5625e-07, 'yzero': 0.0, 'yoff': 128.0, 'npts': 10000}
drakmail over 2 years ago
Aw - I'm sorry it doesn't work - but that is a typical file from the oscilloscope that I need to convert. Is it the binary encoding format 'RI' that's the problem?
JDelport over 2 years ago