Pre-populating data-email from a separate form (Form + Stripe Checkout)
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I am using Formspree and Stripe Checkout. I'd like to have the email entered into the Formspree form's

<input type="email" name="Customer Email" placeholder="your email here">

field be sent to the data-email="" so that the user only needs to plug in their email once for me to get it in both forms. What am I doing wrong here, is this possible? My code looks like this:

Thanks in advance.

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The problem is the the script's attributes are interpreted as soon as the script is loaded.
It seems that when the script is loaded, it creates a iframe element based on the data attributes.

To fix that, what you could do is to add the <script> element to the page only after the form is submitted (after the email address is set).

Here is an example:

Perfect. Cheers, Titus!
sharper almost 5 years ago
@sharper I've created an update The previous approach, doesn't work if you close the popup and change the email, in this one, the iframe is recreated every time the button is pressed.
Titus almost 5 years ago
@Titus I just noticed that, great! Thank you.
sharper almost 5 years ago