Port this project to the latest version of Sveltekit (from 1.0.0-next.405 to 1.0.0-next.416)
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I think I managed to figure this out:

Breaking changes were recently introduced to Sveltekit:


However, as a beginner, I'm struggling to keep up with these, and refactor my code successfully.
The actual routing changes make sense to me - the folder based structure and naming convention, e.g. +page.server.js etc.
But the problem I'm having is that redirects, receiving post requests, session variables discontinued in 415 etc. just don't work as they used to.

My project works perfectly with version 1.0.0-next.405.
You can clone and run it, register a user, and log in/ log out etc.

This requirement for this bounty is to port the above repo code to the current version of SvelteKit (416 at the time of writing) and have it still work, including redirects and respecting the user session and cookie generated etc.
Any explanations as to how the differences are reflected in the working code will be a bonus.

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