Please fork and rename Brave browser
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Please create a fork of the Brave browser for Android/mac


Rename all occurrences of the word "Brave" in the UI with the word "whimsy".

Please do this in a single git commit in the same repo and push to a fork of your own (or can be private and just send me a video of the working app).

I mostly care about the Android experience rather than mac/windows.

your solution must build and run on Android and mac. please make a screen share of the android emulator with the renamed app.
ramonza 5 months ago
I ran into a little problem. There are a couple links to external instructions for how to compile the code. This wouldn't make a difference to a user, but I'm not sure whether I should go ahead and break the links or not. If I don't, it'll contain traces of Brave still. EDIT: I also don't know how feasible it is to replace logos containing the word Brave without manually reporting each logo as it comes up in normal use.
ProfessorG 5 months ago
Yeah links the the docs are of secondary importance.
ramonza 5 months ago

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Hi @ramonza. As you've requested, I've replaced all occurrences of the word "Brave" in the UI to word "whimsy". By the way, brave-browser is not the Brave browser :)

brave-browser only contains build scripts. brave-core is the Brave browser (app).

Here is the "whimsy" version of the brave-core:

I can't send you the video of working app because Brave browser requires 16GB to be downloaded + some other stuff which is way too heavy for my network and laptop to handle.

On the other hand, I can reassure you that this would build without problems.
I've only modified .grd & .grdp files + 1 Typescript file - (Brave welcome JS popups...)

Browsers use GRD & GRDP as localization files, i.e. every browser-specific text from the UI is coming from these files.

Hi Vladimir, I am looking into this. Would you mind making this repo private and adding only me as a team member? Thanks
ramonza 4 months ago
Also don't see the video link?
ramonza 4 months ago
Hi @ramonza. I've made brave-core private and sent you an invitation. As I said, unfortunately, I am unable to provide the video since building the Brave browser would take days on my environment :(
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago
I can provide cloud hosted hardware for building. What do you think is required? If you'd like to chat on Signal or whatsapp: = eval( "594400227666 / 42" )
ramonza 4 months ago
Hi @ramonza. Building the browser itself is not complicated. Wiki has a step by step instructions. The only thing that we would need to change is brave-core since we would use my modified version of it but everything else remains the same! You can always email me the messages that you think are not appropriate for posting here on Bountify. By the way, a nice trick with eval :)
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago
I've tried to build it before without success :(
ramonza 4 months ago
What was the error?
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago
Thank you for accepting my solution. Hopefully, you've found what you were looking for.
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago