PDFjs - allow only specific pages of a pdf (angular)
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I would like to get a POC of a page running PDFjs on it where we can easily limit the number of pages that are available via scroll and paging. for example suppose I only want to show pages 9-10 of a pdf. Ideally when we set the url to the pdf we can set some variable here for this limitation.

Would be awesome if your sample was in angular but not a absolute requirement.

Please post solution to repl.it so we can easily run and debug

awarded to TheOsch

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When I saw this bounty it was too late, so I couldn't fulfil all the requirements. So the sample I dare to submit is not in Angular, and it doesn't analyse the URI. But it does what, as far as I understand, you need, and it's very short and simple to understand.

Here it is: https://replit.com/@TheOsch/PDFjsSampe