Parser to scan for spam emails using API
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I have a list of a few thousand emails that have been hit hard by spam bots on a subscription form and I have a mix of legitimate emails and spam emails. I'm looking for a basic script that I can put on a website so that I can paste a list of emails and check them against

Here's a link to their API -

I would like to be able to paste a list of emails in plain text into an input box, click on a button to start checking. I would like feedback in the form of how many emails there are remaining to be scanned as it goes through each one, and then have two columns displaying which ones are legitimate emails and which ones are spam. Doesn't have to be pretty, am just looking for raw functionality.

Is there any scripting language requirement?
weslly 7 years ago
Nope! As long as it works and I can easily put it on a web server!
Jay 7 years ago
Correction, on a web server and can access via major browsers. :)
Jay 7 years ago
How many emails do you want to parse? Their api have a limit of 300 queries a day.
weslly 7 years ago
A few thousand, but I can do 300 a day, or I'll get in touch with them to see if the API limit can be increased.
Jay 7 years ago
In the code, if you can just include a part like INCLUDE-API-HERE, I can plug in my own key.
Jay 7 years ago
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Here's it: :)

You can run it on any PHP server (with CURL support).

Nicely done! This is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate that you made it look quite nice as well!
Jay 7 years ago
Thanks! :)
weslly 7 years ago