Parse text area json for name value pairs and create text inputs for documentation
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I want to have a text area with a ws/json response in it. I want on the client side to create an array of text inputs to allow someone to then document each of the labels.

here is an example of the text area
Imagine that is the content in the text area. we will parse out all of the labels so we can define each of the parameters.

The final output would allow something like this

Lets use bootstrap for the ui of all of this,

There's no problem about not using jQuery?
alv-c 7 years ago
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2 Solutions

Check this.

You haven't specified the type of output.
Also judging from the screenshots provided, I parsed only the first level keys.

v0.2 Added formatted output.

I would use Angular data bindings for such a request, it fits perfectly with the inputs and binding actions to data changes.
rolandjitsu 7 years ago
I would use pure javascript
alv-c 7 years ago
Thanks for the tip. Could you give some feedback before, or even after, selecting the winning solution?
tomtoump 7 years ago
Winning solution

I've created one using pure javascript and bootstrap:

Based on @tomtoump one. But this one outputs the documented result

I will continue working on it


  • Formatted output
  • JSON output
  • Recursive iteration to document elements returned in arrays
  • You can decide items to document clicking X button
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