October CMS plugin to integrate rocket.chat live chat feature
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I realize this could be more work than the advertised bounty, If so, I am happy to award the bounty for the initial work if you are willing to work closely with me to complete it and estimate remaining work.


As an OctoberCMS site administrator I would like to offer my site's visitor's a 'live chat' feature that connects them directly to a 'live agent' that is logged into a self-hosted rocket.chat instance, in order to offer visitors faster response times, better engagement and support.

An October CMS plugin which enables integration with a self-hosted Rocket.chat instance.
This should allow a "live chat" component to be included on any arbitrary CMS page and present a "live chat" icon on that page when loaded.
Upon clicking this icon, the website user will be connected to a live agent from the self-hosted Rocket.chat instance.
If there are no available agents for the live chat or if the chat server is unreachable then the live chat icon should reflect this status.

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