notes/:id/edit fields aren't being populated correctly
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What branch are you running in the demo? master?
sguha over 6 years ago
@sguha I'm running the master branch in the video right now!
apr over 6 years ago
awarded to sguha

Crowdsource coding tasks.

2 Solutions

Winning solution

The first problem is caused by multiple attributes with the same name in the Note model. Here's a pull request to fix it

Here's a pull request to fix the 3rd issue (also includes the previous fix)

Whoops, this bug wouldn't be there if I wrote a spec for editing/updating a note. I'll add a spec to test the changes @sguha introduced as soon as you merge his PR.
kc00l over 6 years ago
@kc00l for creating the specs, are you waiting for me to merge pr/18 or pr/19? @sguha I'm in bed but when I add a change request, I'll review this and merge it in.
apr over 6 years ago
PR 19 includes 18 commits so I would just merge 19.
kc00l over 6 years ago

I updated the pull request with a commit which brings back the JSON boilerplate code. This fixes your 2nd issue.

@kc00l would you be able to point me to the commit? I'm on PR 17 and can't seem to find the commit.
apr over 6 years ago
I couldn't find it myself after committing it : It's just at the bottom of the PR page after the discussions
kc00l over 6 years ago
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