Not Clearing Cache in URL Parameter Passing
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I am using and internally passing parameters via URL. However, it seems that the cache is not clearing. The documentation provided by Caspio in this regard is not working although I say cbResetParam=1. I still keep getting the old value being passed. It works fine if I logoff and logback into the website . Then it seems to remove the cache..but when i am logged in and keep submitting the is taking the old values and not refreshing the cache.

Can you show your full link with cbResetParam?
dekkard over 4 years ago

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1 Solution

Most likely it is because of browser caching - not because of Caspio caching.
There is a standard way in order to deal with browser caching: you should add extra parameter to your request URLs, which is always different - so the browser won't use the cached version of the same request.
Usually the parameter key is t and the parameter value is a current timestamp.
So the solution is: turn this

into this,

where t always contains current timestamp.

That did not work. But I have used an alternative method of accomplish the logic without relying on parameters
aasker over 4 years ago