NodeJS podcast player deployed on glitch
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I would like someone find an open source podcast player and deploy it on

I'm teaching coding and I want to give this to my students as an example. It should be as simple as possible but it should work as a podcast player i.e. it should fetch and store which podcasts you are listening to and fetch the RSS etc. and play it in the browser. It should support multiple users if possible.

Needs to be in either nodejs or Go but I guess Glitch only supports nodejs.

Something like this:

The Podigee player doesn't have these features (RSS etc), it just plays a preconfigured podcast. So if we deploy just this app on Glitch, you won't be satisfied, right?
TheOsch 2 years ago
can you use that is already deployed in glitch?
guistella 2 years ago

Crowdsource coding tasks.