Node.js - Twitter - Stocks | Count cashTags on tweets (90% developed already)
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Please use the following source code that already screens the cashTags and displays them on the browser.


  • Show this code working online in a free server
  • Print every 10 seconds in screen an update with the array with the amount of twits.


Array of cashTags to screen:

['$msft', '$intc', '$hpq', '$goog', '$nok', '$nvda', '$bac', '$orcl', '$csco', '$aapl', '$ntap', '$emc', '$t', '$ibm', '$vz', '$xom', '$cvx', '$ge', '$ko', '$jnj']

Twitter access credentials: (You can user your own or the following)

api_key = 'C4APRTiFDPbu4f83bxu2crM3X';
api_secret = 'GVXhTV7B7hSeI9i5p7Eg6raKsCTattD7qpTKClPKPVtqpfuxr4';
access_token = '503627811-RGLyEFBvtbP7IUp1FRBU2OBHphqopUqymsJCgfGK';
access_token_secret = 'CzFaJMS8hwZMXtip5G2i4M7dKqtcUmRU41yLlI4N6ld9x';`

Bonus features:

  • Display and refresh on different timeframes a cashTags-heatmap as shown at the application used in the exmple below with a timeframe selector like the one shown on StockTwits HeatMap
awarded to farolanf

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Winning solution
farolanf , Thank you very much for uploading part of the solution!. Please note that for completing the bounty, the app should print somewhere the array with the last update every 10 seconds. In other words, it should refresh after 10 seconds and print the new data in an array (please keep the previous history displayed as well). Feel free to contact me if any question. Thanks a lot!
Vortilon over 4 years ago
Updated. It now prints on the bottom of the screen and on the console.
farolanf over 4 years ago
farolan , Excellent Job !!! Thank you very much for your help. You will receive the Bounty. Please to sum up send me
  • The credentials of the instance of server you created to upload the app so that I have full control
  • A copy of the modified source code
  • Any instructions you consider necessary.
I am looking forward to woking with you in a near future. Please contact me if interested. Thanks.
Vortilon over 4 years ago
  • Here is the source:
  • I can't give my personal heroku account, you can create a new one easily and for free
  • On the new account, create a new app and follow the instruction on the screen, it's short and simple
farolanf over 4 years ago
Thanks farolanf! I have created the app on and the system seems to run almost completely. On the other hand, the cashTags listed on the array watchSymbols won't be displayed. Server's temporary credentials: username: temporary pass: farolanf123 Thanks!.
Vortilon over 4 years ago
Try this Make sure to use http and not https.
farolanf over 4 years ago
master!!!! Thanks. Feel free to contact me when you have time for other projects.
Vortilon over 4 years ago