Node JS MD5 + Base64
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I need some code to be able to encrypt this string using MD5 and then convert it to base 64: <order></order>123456 in Node JS

The end result should be this: LghTkEmsD2tbQ3fsIBRcBg==

The PHP equivalent is this: base64_encode(hex2bin(md5('<order></order>123456')))

Just to let you know, md5 is a hashing algorithm, not encryption. So if you would like to decrypt it after that, I believe it's not possible.
Chlegou over 1 year ago
I just need a way to transform this <order></order>123456 into this LghTkEmsD2tbQ3fsIBRcBg== in Node JS. The third party documentation only has a PHP method like this but no Node JS documentation base64_encode(hex2bin(md5('<order></order>123456')))
user0809 over 1 year ago
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const crypto = require("crypto");


It's the first variant. Here is the second one (a fix of B44ken's solution):

const md5 = require("md5");
const encodeHash = msg => Buffer.from(md5(msg), "hex").toString("base64");

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