Node - test and execute JS on iOS
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Any native apps that can edit and run node.js code? For example, can you use the native node packages such as crypto? Terminal access for git, etc?

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2 Solutions

Have you tried LiquidCore?

LiquidCore enables Node.js virtual machines to run inside Android and iOS apps. It provides a complete runtime environment, including a virtual file system.

You can use npm install to install most JS-only (non-native) modules and require them as normal. The bundler will package all of the code into a single file.

describe ('Simple cases', function (){
before (function (){
return client.init();
describe('test-app-addition', function (){
it('add-3-3', function(){
return client.element('~IntegerA')
.setValue ('3')
.elementByAccessibilityId ('~IntegerB')
.then(function (text){
return client.end();

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