Need sample EPL file for USPS Thermal Label
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The Post Office does not support EPL Thermal Label format natively, only IMAGE and PDF format.

I need a sample EPL file of a USPS label (changing address/name/etc to protect privacy, of course), that I can use in my system as a native EPL template for printing USPS labels.

So basically, there is no coding work here, just looking for an EPL file that works for USPS, to leverage as a template within my EPL system.

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

As you can see in this image of a demo thermal label;

Printable shipping tags contain barcodes; so if you would just replace the address & leave the barcode unchanged, the package would end up at the address of the barcode; since the barcode has information encoded within.

This page might intrest you.
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If this didn't answer your question i'm sorry, please go into more detail.