Need code to slowly scroll a div -- LEFT and RIGHT
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This video shows what i wish to achieve:

You can see in this video, I am using my MOUSE to scroll the DIV (left and right).

But what I would like to do, is have the DIV scroll AUTOMATICALLY.

e.g. as soon as soon as this page loads I would like this DIV to slowly scroll LEFT and RIGHT automatically. And then, STOP scrolling if the user does a mouseover() on the DIV.

Anyone got some code to do this?

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2 Solutions

The term you're looking for is "carousel", and there's one that matches your description here:

Thanks. Yes I know there are some existing jquery examples online. But i'm a bad jquery programmer and really just looking for someone to give me some code of EXACTLY what I can place in my webpage to accomplish whats going on in the video.
tonloc almost 8 years ago

Simple horizontal scroll:

A good swiper: fast and compatible with every mobile device, with scrollbar:

Example of use:

Oh thanks. My goal is to do this automatically though.
tonloc almost 8 years ago with autoplay right and it's stop on mouseenter
Stefano Balzarotti almost 8 years ago
hey thanks i sent a tip But i really want it to scroll very slowly like the video and without SNAPPING. If you could provide some code to put exactly into the page id be most appreciative. i'm pretty bad at jquery.
tonloc almost 8 years ago
Check this:
Stefano Balzarotti almost 8 years ago
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