Need a arbitrage bot built for Bittrex API
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What I need is a bot programmed that can capture an arbitrage opportunity locally on Bittrex which is a cryptocurrency exchange.

I have never done something like this before which is why I am asking for help and will pay for the time put in to code it and help me learn and setup how to run the bot which I have a computer to do so locally if needed. Here is the Developers guide for Bittrex Exchange

So what I need the program to do is Scan the bids/ask price in the order book of 2 pairs locally on bittrex. No other exchanges involved.

And when it discovers that there is an arbitrage opportunity. To trade it in that direction and capture it.

Let A, B & C represent the cyrptocurrencies

With the 2 pairs being traded are A/B and B/C

The equation to discover if there is an arbitrage for this unique pairing + the subsequent action needed to capture it is the following:

IF: BID price of (A/B).995 > BID price of (1/(B/C))1.0025 Then: Sell A for B and then after that executes sell B for C

And then the other direction

If: ASK price of (1(B/C).995 > ASK price of (A/B)1.0025 Then: Sell C for B and then after it executes Sell B for A

Where the .995 and 1.0025 account for fees and can be tweaked for margin of safety + profit targets

If the equation is true than an arbitrage opportunity is present and as long as the orders can execute fast and back to back it should be able to capture the bids/asks like a Market order.

I would also would like the following functions: -Check the volume of the bid/ask so that it knows how much volume it can push through in each order -Check the current amount of each asset I hold in my portfolio/wallet -Conditions on orders such as If profit will be 1% Sell 10% of the asset if profit will be 2% sell 30% of asset Etc -To make a fail safe so if book changes it will take the next best price and exit trade as fast as possible. This could possibly be done by making the limit order lower/higher than the bid/ask.

Let me know if I explained this well enough and if you need any further details or clarification.

If you can deliver a working product I will make it worth your time.
You can email me at aerials732 atgmail


one dollar? lol
slang almost 4 years ago
I just signed up for this website... and I was hesitant to put a lot of money down on my card especially since it says the money is lost no matter what... I will pay much more for a finished product... send me an email. or discord TheChasm #8668
Joe almost 4 years ago
Hi, Joe I have been using bittrex quite for a long time now, and wants to help, and so working for the solution.Thank you
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Okay Thank you!
Joe almost 4 years ago
Should I mail it to you, okay
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Sure or discord
Joe almost 4 years ago
Also I have not gone through the mathematics , I used the equation you provide, so you will have to tweak the code a bit to match your need.Thank you
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Hi JOE, please check your mail, i have sent you a piece of code
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Looks good!
Joe almost 4 years ago
Hi Joe, I have sent you a hangout request so that we can discuss clearly.Thank you
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Looks good! hangout request where?
Joe almost 4 years ago
google hangout
Codeword almost 4 years ago
Joe, please mail me via since neither your e-mail nor your DISCORD address can be found. Thanx! solution at hand.
bbb almost 4 years ago

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