My Linux Mint keeps maximising resources and slowly crashing
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My Linux Mint 17.2 works fine for about an hour and then it seems to max out the memory and slowly dies. Can somebody help work out the problem / fix? I have 4gb ram + 4gb swap.


I can help, but I'd probably need ssh access in order to check on what processes are running and causing it to die.
slang over 6 years ago
Thanks for the quick answer. My router provided by the ISP has all features removed so I can't port forward or anything :( Is there another way you can access? Teamviewer maybe? Or something better? Thanks in advance, Martin
martinr over 6 years ago
You can make a reverse ssh tunnel to a VPS like ssh -R 10002:localhost:22 If you make one on DigitalOcean and don't keep it around then you can probably get it for free.
slang over 6 years ago
(and after making that tunnel, I can ssh into the VPS and access your mint box that way)
slang over 6 years ago
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