Multi-tier referral program
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Here is the scenario: I supply a coded sample book of sheet swatches to retailers. The retailer is paid each time someone uses that code and purchases a sheet. Here is the process:
Tier 1: $ payment to retailer when a shopper orders sheets through our wedding registry.

Tier II - when the shopper's referral orders sheets: the retailer receives a smaller $ payment (Optional: original shopper also receives $ when this happens). Multiple referrals per shopper allowed.

Tier III - when the Tier II referrers order sheets: the retailer receives the smallest $ payment; the Tier II referrers also get paid. (Optional: original shopper receives $ when this happens).

In summary: the retailer is paid for Tier I, II and III.

Each shopper is paid for one successive tier. (Optional: original shopper receives $ on successive tiers.)

Reporting necessary so people can see what they've earned and which payments were made. Must be cloud based.
Note: my site uses Shopify.

What kind of shopping system are you using?
slang almost 6 years ago
Our site uses Shopify. Is that answering your question?
Thomas almost 6 years ago

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