Modify JSON Output of Angular-form-builder - WILL TIP $50
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Update the angular-form-builder code so that its output is directly consumable by Angular Formly

1 - Fork the Angular-form-builder repository.

2 - Update its JSON output so that it is directly consumable by angular-formly.

3 - This means, when you build a form with your new angular-form-builder, the JSON output should be able to be copied and pasted into the Edit JSON / Fields window of Angular-Formly demo, and the form should show up as configured in form-builder and validate properly

4 - Commit and push your change to the forked repository in Github.

4 - Submit a pull request to the original angular-form-builder project that passes the build tests.

5 - Will tip $25 for a patch which is accepted by the maintainer of angular-form-builder (the maintainer may require a configuration option to switch between his original output mode and the new output mode).

6 - Will tip another $25 for a patch which also adds to angular-form-builder the extra field types supported by Angular Formly, including Password, Hidden, and Disabled.

If this project is successful I will post another bounty for $100 to totally combine the angular-form-builder and Angular Formly projects.

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