Modify an OS X keyboard map
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The task is to take the Dvorak Extended Keyboard found here and update it to support the hold-for accent functionality. The resulting keyboard layout will be released back into the public domain.


It used to be that, to type an umlaut (for example) you'd have to hold down the option key, type the letter U and then type the letter you wanted to get the Umlaut. In more modern layouts you can just hold down a letter and the accents that can be applied to it (like the umlaut) would appear in a pop-up. Ukelele is the standard keyboard map manipulation tool and it appears appears to be able to do this.

@masukomi I wasn't able to install the keyboard (and subsequently was not able to test/tweak it), but I found this which may be of help to you.
alex over 8 years ago
Cool. Thanks Alex. Sorry you weren't able to install that keyboard. I've been using it for a month or so now. I'm fairly certain there is a way to specify the press and hold for each keymap, because you'd want different ones for each language, but if I can't figure that out, you've now shown me how to do it for what appears to be the global variant, so thanks. :)
masukomi over 8 years ago
@masukomi No problem! I'm glad to have helped(ish).
alex over 8 years ago
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