Mobile Menu for Wordpress
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A menu on a mobile or device that can popup/side in from the side - with multi layered navigation. This is specific for a theme I am building.

A bar at the side would indicate multilayer (parent)

I have some UI design for this ready, please contact me for information.

Hello rjgough, I am interested in your project, I think I have a working solution ready, can you please describe it a bit more.Thank you.
Codeword 1 year ago
HI rjgough Please provide UI design, i could do it, Thanks.
vinayak 1 year ago
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Hi rjgough, I think I found the solution, you can view the solution
Have a look a it.
Thank you

perfect! This is what i need
rjgough 1 year ago
is this easily do-able within wordpress?
rjgough 1 year ago
yes, you can include it in Wordpress with a little tweaking, techengine is my github repo, you can download it from there and experiment with it to fit your needs, Thank you
Codeword 1 year ago
OK - well, the job is for a Mobile Menu in Wordpress, so if this can be delivered i can award
rjgough 1 year ago
can we talk over hangout,
Codeword 1 year ago
Hi, rjgough I have almost completed your wordpress, mobile menu and soon going to send you, Should I mail to you or upload in github.Thank you
Codeword 1 year ago
github please :)
rjgough 1 year ago
Hi ryan, I have mailed you the github link from where you can downlaod the theme, Just install the theme in wordpress. Thank You
Codeword 1 year ago
Great solution! and good work!
rjgough 1 year ago