CSV export - Add third-party programmatic access via a command-line tool
New here? Learn about Bountify and follow @bountify to get notified of new bounties! x offers an option to export all transactions as a CSV file. They do not offer any form of programmatic access.

Make a command-line Linux program to export a user's transactions (one file per bank account) into the current folder, named consistently according to the bank accounts.

The program should be designed to run on a headless server without user input.

The command-line program could read a config file or accept a username and password on the command line, whatever interface is easiest. Security is not an issue.

Mint only allows use from the USA and canada. That's a slight problem for me to get info on how to do this. Can you tell me the url to download one of these csv files? I assume there is a parameter in it for the username? Or better yet, the complete list of URLs, from sign up to download, so I can simulate it.
elwood over 7 years ago
@elwood the URL looks like however the hardest part of this challenge is logging in and authenticating with Mint which does not have an API.
skram over 7 years ago
skram -- agreed that's the hard part, note also that one login can have multiple bank accounts so there may be a few files to download
vanceza over 7 years ago
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You can use headless webkit like phantomjs or casperjs

Here is example - first steps with amazon - login:

The deliverable is the command-line tool which is written up in the description.
vanceza over 7 years ago
I am not a phantomjs expert, besides I am outside of US and have no fake bank accounts. Hopefully someone will do the trick
jonny64 over 7 years ago

I don't have an account to test it but you could use a combination of:

  1. mint-exporter or php-mint-api to export the transactions csv
  2. this perl script to split the csv based on the account.
Oops, I didn't get to test this until way too late. Sent the bounty as a tip since I ended up using a lot of this solution.
vanceza 7 years ago
Better late than never :P. Happy I helped.
tomtoump 7 years ago
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