Minor Changes in Squarespace Design
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I have built a website on squarespace for the company I'm working at, but I had some difficulties in making some minor changes in squarespace template.

Here is the link to the website for you to see the design:

The changes I wasn't able to make are the following:

  1. The logo on the cover page is at the centre top, and I would like it to be centre middle, meaning both vertical and horizontal centers.
  2. I would like the buttons (catering, flowers and events) to be slightly smaller in font size, with a wider gap between each button and a I would like to leave a small gap between the logo and the buttons.
  3. The main logo on the main page says THE WHITE BOUTIQUE / DUBAI, I would like the logo on the catering page to be THE WHITE BOUTIQUE / CATERING, the logo on the flowers page to be THE WHITE BOUTIQUE / FLOWERS, and the logo on the events page to be THE WHITE BOUTIQUE / EVENTS. I have these logos ready but squarespace only allows one logo for all pages.
  4. I would also like the logo to be placed in the vertical and horizontal centre of the banner.

Thank you in advance!

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