microvm runtime for docker swarm
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I'm looking for a way to use microvms with docker swarm so that I get better isolation than with namespaces / cgroups. I used kata-containers, but they discontinued support for docker. I can't find an answer to whether such a thing even exists. I am aware that there are microvm runtimes, such as firecracker, but it is unclear to me if they can be integrated with docker. Everything seems to be focused on kubernetes.

I don't need a replacement for the docker CLI (like ignite, for example). I also don't want to switch to kubernetes (which does support multiple microvm systems), as I find it a total overkill. I need a very lightweight way of managing a cluster of containers.

If such a thing doesn't exist for docker, I would also find sufficient to find something that doesn't use docker, but

  • uses a microvm

  • can use docker images

  • has something similar to docker compose yaml files for configuration (doesn't need to be compatible, but needs to have similar functionality, mainly volumes and ports, ideally also multiple services per config file)

  • has something similar to docker API that I can access through python (again doesn't need to be compatible), that I can use to control and monitor the containers. If it provides events (like docker), that would be great

  • is maintained (this is why I can't use kata-containers anymore, it works with an old version but there aren't any updates for it anymore)

  • it doesn't need to support simple clustering like docker swarm, I can work around it by accessing the API

  • needs to be deployable on ubuntu 20.04

The deliverable is a document describing what software I should use, with references to the individual requirements (e.g. here is how to set it up with docker, or here is how to run it if you're replacing docker, here is a link to the description of the container configuration, here is a link to the description of the API). So this is more of an architect or sysadmin task rather than a developer one, you don't need to write any code for this.

Please don't tell me to use kubernetes. I came to the conclusion that If I can't find anything else, I probably will have to.

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