Meteor image upload, tag, and search
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I would like someone to integrate Ink/filepicker ( with a meteor app to upload images, add tags to the images, and search for images by tag words. This is a simple one page app with the image display box taking up most of the page.

Search box at the top within a Bootstrap navbar. User login (meteor ui) in the top right of the navbar. If there are multiple images with the same tag, they just show up below each other as the user scrolls down the page.

The basic requirements are:
- Image Upload to Amazon S3 (using Ink/filepicker)
- Adding tags to images
- Image display box
- Search box for finding images

What data store do you want to use to keep the image tags and so on?
alixaxel over 7 years ago
Amazon S3
dznodes over 7 years ago
@dznodes: You can use S3 to store metadata (tags) along with the file contents but the metadata fields aren't indexed and thus, not searchable (AFAIK). You could use Amazon SimpleDB to provide the tagging feature but with S3 alone I don't think it's possible.
alixaxel over 7 years ago
@alixaxel: I was not aware of that. If you think that SimpleDB is required for this simple app, then please let me know what needs to be setup for that to work. This Bounty is about to expire. If you have an interest in building out this app, please do so. If you need more time, let me know.
dznodes over 7 years ago
@dznodes: For SimpleDB, you just need the same AWS account to be set up to use it. You could also use another database altogether, like SQLite / MySQL / MongoDB and so on, hence my question. As for the deadline I'm not sure I can make it anymore, are you able to expand it?
alixaxel over 7 years ago
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