Meteor: connect a Stripe user to an existing (GitHub-created) account
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I have a Meteor application with users that sign in with their GitHub account.

I want each user to be able to add Stripe authorization to their account -- by (I suggest) signing in with Stripe Connect from within their account settings page. It is essential that all users create their account with GitHub first (i.e. creating their account with Stripe alone is not an option).

The code I am looking for is to handle users connecting their Stripe account to their existing GitHub-created account within my application. The reason is I'm creating a marketplace and want payment to go straight to the users.

Will tip for thorough solutions.


FWIW, here's how the original user is being created:

var accessToken =,

result = Meteor.http.get('',{
    params : {
        access_token : accessToken
    headers: {"User-Agent": "Meteor/1.0"}

    throw result.error

profile = _.pick(,

user.profile = profile;

return user;
@cavill you should tweet @debergalis with a link to this bounty and make them aware of this bounty!
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@akshatpradhan Yeah I did that yesterday, though they haven't retweeted it.
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This is not possible with the current version of Meteor