Merge font files using gulp.js
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I need two existing vfs_fonts.js files merged together with the roboto-bold.ttf file into a single vfs_fonts.js file, as per the example here:

The purpose is so that I can use multiple fonts in a single vfs_fonts.js file for PDFMake

The Roboto-Bold font can be found here:

And then two existing vfs_fonts.js can be found here:

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I've uploaded result on rghost:

Hey, thanks a lot! I removed one of the files, can you please merge this file: and this file roboto-bold:
user856 14 days ago
Here it is file. I saw no difference between it and previous file however. What file did you delete?
tannhauser 14 days ago
In my zip file link, I think there are two files right, vfs_fonts.js and vfs_fonts_roboto.js. I had a look afterwards at vfs_fonts_roboto.js and I only see the Roboto-Italic font in that file, if that's the case then I don't need the file with only Roboto-Italic. Is this also what you see?
user856 14 days ago
No, there are 5 items in vfs_fonts_roboto.js :roboto-italic, roboto-mediumitalic, roboto regular, roboto medium and sampleimage.jpg.
tannhauser 14 days ago
Okay so I included your modified vfs_fonts.js file but I got this error when running it Error: No unicode cmap for font
user856 13 days ago
For which one?
tannhauser 13 days ago
The last file had the error
user856 13 days ago
For which font?
tannhauser 12 days ago
I'm not sure, it doesn't tell me for which font. But I think it should work if you just combine the vfs_fonts.js and vfs_fonts_roboto.js from this link here: Without combining the font here:
user856 12 days ago
tannhauser 8 days ago