Menu like on bootstrap page
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if you head over to

you will see their menu slides the content down and also has a cool carousel effect when you go between nav items. we need to maintain responsiveness and go to a hamburger menu in the top right as our code does today.

here is our page

here is the zip of the code

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check the link below for the solution.

I added a carousel in the main html file between the navbar and the main content. It is hidden on small screen device.

All the logic is in the IBM_menu function in js/jquery.main.js

this looks awesome on desktop! do you have an idea for how to access sub items in responsive?
Qdev 4 years ago
A possible solution would be to use a dropdown only for the mobile version. Look at this example
stm 4 years ago
Yes exactly
Qdev 4 years ago
Check out the modified version here:
stm 4 years ago