MEDIA CENTER MANUAL: iPad Does Not Show All Items
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Description of Error

While using the media center manual, the iPad pro only shows a few of the items in the media center plugin. When you search the same plugin on the iPhone, all of the items show up.

APP: Block Buddy


open app on iPad
click nerve blocks
See how only 10 items show
open app on iPhone
click nerve blocks
see how all items show



BuildFire is a mobile app building platform that allows developers through HTML, JS and CSS to create plugins for the platform to extend mobile app functionality.

Learn more at and


  • NodeJS - download
  • npm
  • git
  • knowledge on how to create a pull-request on github

How to Install

BuildFire SDK npm i buildfire you may need to be admin or super user depending on your environment

Run plugin locally

  • Run tester buildfire run this will run a web server on http://localhost:3030
  • in the Plugin input box enter in the name of your plugin. example: pluginMediaCenterManualEntries depending on your OS this could be case sensitive

Understanding the autonomy of a BuildFire Plugin

  • the Control: is the right hand side of the plugin meant to live in the BuildFire control panel/dashboard
  • the Widget: is the left hand side of the plugin meant to live in the mobile app to learn more click here

Submit a pull request

Additional Information

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

This happens because the div or element containing all the block images is not a scrollable one. Check the css property : overflow-y or overflow and set it to auto or scroll. It only happens when the viewport width try to adjust the responsive design to fit all blocks inside single element, so it happens only on iPad or Tablets

Hi enderba! Is this something you can create a pull request for?
twalters almost 4 years ago
It looks more like a problem from the Block Buddy part, not from the plugin. So i can't make a pull request.
enderdba almost 4 years ago
@enderdba It must be on the plugin side. The only thing Block Buddy is doing is adding items to the Media Center Manual plugin. They don't define the CSS; the plugin does.
twalters almost 4 years ago