Make Webpage Responsive Using Foundation Grid System
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Make this webpage responsive using the Foundation grid system.

Most attractive and elegant submission wins.
Download of webpage and assets:

@Binary am I allowed to do some site tweaking (colours, positioning, etc.)?
alex 9 years ago
Go for it! :)
Binary 9 years ago
@Binary Can I use bootstrap in place of the Grid System? (I can do both, but I'm more familiar with bootstrap).
alex 9 years ago
Alex, Feel free to use Bootstrap or Foundation.
Binary 9 years ago
awarded to Wikimedia

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1 Solution

This is the first draft


I will keep tweaking until you satisfy

Unfortunately, the search field and search botton totally overlap the tab view after the first jump point. This is not good.
Binary 9 years ago
Which browser do you use to test ? I dont see any overlap
Hoan Dang 9 years ago