Make My 2D Character into a Posable MovieClip Using Drag and Drop in Actionscript 3
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I have a robot character rig I designed in Photoshop made up of 13 parts:

Circular body shape
Upper Arm x 2
Lower Arm x 2
Hand x 2
Upper Leg x 2
Lower Leg x 2
Foot x 2

I need someone to code it in Actionscript 3 so that I can drag an instance of the rig onto the stage and pose the limbs, rotating the arms and legs using forward kinematics. In other words if I rotate the upper arm, the lower arm goes with it. All of this posing will be done by clicking, then dragging and dropping.

See this LINK : to get and idea of the functionality.

I need to drag out multiple instances of this movie clip (the posable rig) and place each on separate frames, so I can access each frame using a gotoAndStop.

The end goal is to create a prototype of an animation interface for a presentation. I'm creating the mockup of the final version, so the posing is only to demonstrate how the end user will pose the character to create a walk or run cycle. So the end user will use one instance of the rig for each pose – one on each frame.

See this LINK : to see a very limited prototype of where I am headed with this.

I have a Flash file with the rig ready to go. All of the parts are in the library. I do need the code to work with my other simple coding and I'm planning to place all of the code either in the first frame of the timeline or in a document class. So I'll need you to help me make your code play nicely with mine.


@Hugh I don't think there are links. :/ Can you please fix that?
alex 7 years ago
For some reason the links showed up fine in the editor but disappeared when I posted it. I just posted the raw links instead. That seems to work.
Hugh 7 years ago
What version of Flash are you using?
gabrielnahmias 7 years ago
I am using CS6
Hugh 7 years ago
Thanks for the help.
Hugh 7 years ago
What else do you need? Are you on your way with it?
gabrielnahmias 7 years ago

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I thought this might be useful for you:

It's the original FLA file to the Flash animation on the page to which you linked. I know it's not exactly a full answer but it contains everything you'll need to better understand that at least.

You think this is good enough if no one else gives you any more insight?
gabrielnahmias 7 years ago