Implement comments & comment notifications into WooCommerce orders ($1 bounty + $50 on delivery)
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Hi, I am working with a small WordPress and WooCommerce install. Currently, clients are able to submit an order with an order comment, but I would like to extend this by allowing post-order comments on for each order. Here's an example:

  1. Client submits their order, and optionally, adds an order note/comment
  2. I am able to comment on the order with basic text and file-upload functionality (I only need essential text (plain text is fine) and need to be able to add images). This should be visible in each order's page for store managers and administrators.
  3. If I do reply, clients would be notified of my response and can optionally respond

Clients should be able to view each stream of comments in each Order's page (via WooCommerce's Order History page via My Account)

I've found a few plugins that try to do this but most of which feel clunky or overkill. This plugin is close in terms of functionality but I want to have the account pages remain as they are, just to add the comment / file upload form to the backend for clients & myself.

Please let me know if I can add any more info that'll help you to create a solution. Thanks!

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