Dynamically referencing GitHub Repo Info in WordPress CPT ($1 +$25 for Solution)
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👋 I am using Pods (https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/) with WordPress & would like to be able to dynamically reference GitHub repository details such as the latest release date & the latest download link to associated custom post types that I create with Pods (so that I don't need to manually enter these details at every update).

Example: I'd like to have a Pods CPT with a website field, where I'd type in a GitHub repo's URL. From there, I'd like to list info related to the same URL in the same post. I felt this should be possible after finding this article but am unsure how to implement it: https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/releases/#get-the-latest-release

Adding this question for $1 as I'm not sure if this is doable; if it is, I'd be willing to tip $25. Please let me know if I can provide info that'd lead to a solution. I look forward to seeing what someone might come up with. Thank you kindly & happy holidays. 🎄

Edit: I've tried to make my question clearer.

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1 Solution

Update: 2

Too speed up your pods setup & make it compatible to my plugin i have provided an Import file. Which will be very easy instead of adding Post type & Fields manually.


1- Pods Admin -> Components-> Migrate: Packages (enable it).

2- Pods Admin -> Migrate: Packages -> Import -> Paste data from "Pods Import.txt" available in plugin repo.

3- Pods Admin -> Migrate: Packages -> Import -> Paste data from "Pods Template Import" available in plugin repo.

Update: 1

This is possible & easy, I used to work with PODS few years ago for my WordPress Projects.


1- Create CPT & all your Custom Fields

Post Type Name: git_repo

Pods Fields name: update_on, download_url_master, git_url

Here is an video to help you with directions.

Add "latest release date, version number, and direct download link etc" in fields & also don't forget to use template option add add this fields accordingly(Use HTML where required to have proper structure)

2- Create Custom Template for your new CPT & Structure your custom fields

Here is an video

Git Repo Auto Update Plugin:

1- Update Config.php with your Github credentials

2- Add a post in git repo(git_repo)

3- Update title with Git username & repo name ( Must include "/" without any space).

Eg: https://github.com/tan-tan-kanarek/github-php-client = tan-tan-kanarek/github-php-client ,
https://github.com/peercoin/docs = peercoin/docs

You aren't required to update anything apart from Post Title. Once cron run it will update the fields automatically.

We can add many fields & data in the next update, if required.

NOTE: Its imp to create Post type & Custom fields with the name i provided above.

Feel Free to let me know if i missed something or if you face any issues.

Hi Zhopon, I'm lucky you've worked with this before, thanks for those instructions. I must not have been clear enough originally; I want to be able to type into a custom field, eg website, and in the post with said custom field list things like the latest release version, or the latest download link dynamically (so that it's always up to date). I will update my question; does that make more sense?
sharper 3 years ago
@sharper by any chance do you want to connect this with GitHub API? So all the Field get updated automatically?
Zhopon 3 years ago
Yes, that would be amazing
sharper 3 years ago
Great, I will develop it for you. (even through haven't worked with GitHub API Before). Kindly Let me know which Fields(Data) are Important to get imported.
Zhopon 3 years ago
Great, absolutely: From the designated repository I'd like to have 1) the latest version number, 2) the release date of the latest version, and 3) assets (direct download links).Thank you :)
sharper 3 years ago
@sharper are you a developer, Can you create WP Plugin? Thing is i have the found solution but will Require to create a plugin, Which will have required API calls, Mapping of Data to custom post type & fields & a Cron to update the post once a day. Creating all this will take more time then i expected earlier.
Zhopon 3 years ago
Hey, would it help if I created a repo with a plugin boilerplate? I'd be willing to pay more for a solution if it'd be worth your time. Thanks
sharper 3 years ago
That will be great, I have started with basic plugin structure so i wont need the boilerplate.
Zhopon 3 years ago
Alright, I've created a repo: https://bitbucket.org/sharpercodes/sharper-bountify-1/src
sharper 3 years ago
@sharper i tried to push my changes but i have been getting some errors, so have created a new repo instead https://bitbucket.org/moin5050/gitrepoautoupdate.
Zhopon 3 years ago
@Zhopon, okay, thanks! And also thank you for putting that import together. I had just finished getting things plugged in and forcing a cron job; it looks like it pulled in the info, I was just having trouble getting it to display on the frontend. I will try your import now!
sharper 3 years ago
Thanks For the update, I have updated the import files it now has Template configuration as well. check my latest commit.
Zhopon 3 years ago
It works great. I sent you a PM!
sharper 3 years ago
I am happy it worked for you. I replied your email.
Zhopon 3 years ago