List items left to right and spaced properly
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I have some list items, typically as you know they go top to bottom, i have a need for them to look like they are in columns so I had an idea to do display:line; which works to lay them out but now i need to assign a width to them so they end up looking like 200px wide columns. I cant seem to apply a width to this element or maybe I'm missing something.

Ideally we end up with a css solution that works cross browser but if we need js then lets do it

here is my sample test page

Might be important to note, this will be in a bootstrap repsonsive page so the list will get bigger and smaller and ideally it can handle this by throwing things to the next line as they get squished.

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Dear you!
if this is what you need

My solution:


perfect, I knew i was missing something.
Qdev 8 years ago
change display:inline --> block and use float:left to distribution colum, li:after{ clear:both; }/last li will to clear float left/
Balack Huynh 8 years ago