Link animation effect on hover - css3
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Id like to get something like this ideally with css3, if we need to use js, we can assume jquery is loaded. Ideally this can look for a specific class on any tag on a page that want to select

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Dear sir!
This is my solution

Frameworks & Extensions: Mootools 1.2.6

Class css apply for effect: .link
< a class="link" href='#' >Go back to the Related Post< /a >

< li >< a class="link" href="" >Opencart Tricks< /a >< /li >


This is so cool -- reminds me of the Knight Rider! GJ
alixaxel over 7 years ago

Here is the second solution using CSS 3

Winning solution

A simple CSS solution, using transition and different background positioning (no images):

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