Layout from popup on Behance
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I need the same kind of layout as seen in any of the popups used here: (click on an item).

I need it to be the right HTML5, and the images which will be in the left side needs to be flexible, so its somewhat responsive.

I do have the popup-script, so only the simple HTML5 and css3 are needed

I'll be honest, this doesn't seem like a $1 bounty that any developer would be interested in solving. It looks more complex and I'd suggest upping your bounty.
apr over 8 years ago
I agree but Im not willing to set up a initial fee on a site that doesnt seems to have much traffic, when i cant get a refund. Just say your price and I can increase the bounty
CPHREC over 8 years ago
I don't know wordpress, but I've asked 65 questions ranging from easy to very difficult and every single one of them has been answered. In fact, so have others. You'll just have to trust that someone will answer. That's what I did. I would suggest increasing the bounty of just 1 question to something far more reasonable to get an understanding of how things work, instead of showing mistrust upon your initial joining of the site and asking questions with low ball prices. I just asked a $50 bounty which I plan to tip another nice amount and it's getting answered right now. All because I set a reasonable price and built my reputation with the community.
apr over 8 years ago
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