jQuery plugin for iPhone-style password obfuscation (show the last char for 1 second)
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I'd like a jQuery function for turning a password field into an "iPhone-style" password field that shows the last character typed for 1 second.

As a user enters a password, all characters should be hidden (like a normal password field) except for the last one, which is visible for 1 second after it is typed, and is then hidden like the rest of the password.

It should also detect if the user is on a mobile browser; if so, it should revert to a regular password field (i.e. the function should have no effect on the password field). Also, it shouldn't affect the styling of the field it's being applied to. Please use jQuery and no other libraries, and submit your complete solution here. Thanks!

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Personally, I use dPassword (a jQuery plugin)... if there is anything else that you need it to do, I would be happy to write it for you.

Guess I should have googled around a little more :)
bevan 7 years ago