Javascript/jQuery function to replace values inside json file
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I need a javascript or jQuery function to loop through a json file and replace multiple values inside with other values.

For example I want to replace these two values below:

    "brand": "Tory Burch",
    "currency": "Tory Burch",


    "brand": "New Brand",
    "currency": "GBP",

The demo json file is here:

I'm going to use this script inside a third party API and you should make sure that it will work, here's two simple docs you can quickly take a look :)

Is this going to be run inside of a browser?
slang over 4 years ago
Yea inside a browser, it should be just a regular javascript function
user0809 over 4 years ago
Hi, the values to be replaced, will they be the same values for all the items ? or will they be different ?
vmark99 over 4 years ago
The values will be the same for this file. For example this is file 1 then the values will be same. If this file is file 2 then the values will be different. The function should accept several parameters
user0809 over 4 years ago
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This works as the example you provided.

function(data) {
  for(var collection in data.results) {
    data.results[collection].forEach(function(row) {
      if (row.brand == "Tory Burch") {
        row.brand = "New Brand";
      if (row.currency == "Tory Burch") {
        row.currency = "GBP";
  return data;

I believe something like this will do for your case:

function(data, brand, currency) {
  for (var collection in data.results) {
    data.results[collection].forEach(function(row) {
      row.brand = brand;
      row.currency = currency;
  return data;

The 'brand' and 'currency' parameters are the corresponding values you want to change to.

Here is a pastebin of your example file changed

Let me know if I can change something.

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