Javascript function ofr LiveCycle .pdf form
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Looking for javascript that can be used in Adobe LiveCycle. Looking to have it it take control of the device camera through the 'image field" function to past an image in that area.

awarded to MSF

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1 Solution

If you use LiveCycle Mobile you don't need javascript, Image Fields on Guides automatically enable the device's camera, even collecting geolocation information when available.

I'm sorry, I forgot a key component. I am making the .pdf form through LiveCylce but the users will be using Reader or another base .pdf reader.
IRONCLADmktg over 6 years ago
Unfortunately it's not possible, regular pdfs just don't have that capability in scripting. Javascript used in PDF scripting does not have as many resources as the one used in browsers, where you have canvas and video elements that allow you to gain some control over the device's camera. Sorry.
julianobs over 6 years ago