Integrate Login and Search Field webpage to backend
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We have a page which has a login button and 2 fields and a search button thats on . We want to move the page to a web server and have it transfer this information to . So instead of the page being in bubble, it will be a web server that will send the html page to the backend and have bubble manage the login and the information from the search field. Just need someone to implement a basic page that we can click to route to backend or to allow us to click on login and bring up the login box.

ok i'm steady to work on , could you send the webpage?
Chlegou almost 3 years ago
the current webpage is at, but we will need you to create one on your own that can submit the search field (search address, delivery type) search button and login. to We are trying to move the home page away from being currently on, and have it stand alone on a web server
aasker almost 3 years ago

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This is not a solution!! (posted here to clarify only)

i have peeked you website landing page, and submitted the login form, there is many data sent!!

apparently has his own signin form API. i looked in the docs:

and peeked after the Swagger specs, and when visualized, i have found that:

(Visualizing with )

apparently your company logics, but nothing found there for the authentication form..... if you could provide the auth API, and any other API action you want to simulate, i could do it.

I don't have an experience with Bubble BTW, let's see if someone else have, and could do something better.

Hope this could help you or others finding the solution.


Thanks. Please do. i do have a lot of other work in this area that i can keep posting here
aasker almost 3 years ago
i have told you "if you could provide the auth API, and any other API action you want to simulate, i could do it." can't do nothing, if i don't know how to interact with it.
Chlegou almost 3 years ago