Integrate Google Firechat
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Need a prototype demonstration of integrationg an instant messaging like Google Firechat . Please incorporate this with backend data being in

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(1) Go to:


Give it a name and click CREATE PROJECT

(2) Click on the 'Auth' side menu item, and then select 'Sign-in Method Tab'

Click 'Anonymous', click 'Enable' and finally click SAVE

(3) Click on the Project Name (top left), and click on 'Add Firebase to your web app'

Copy the code.

(4) Paste the code into your Caspio page. Then go to pastebin page:

Copy, and paste the code into your Caspio page, just underneath the previous pasted code.

(5) Save the Caspio Page, and you're ready to go!

i will try this out and get back to you. thanks
aasker over 5 years ago
Can you show how to integrate with caspio username/email authentication, as we are trying to get signed in users to chat (one on one..not group chat)
aasker over 5 years ago
I am using caspio authenticaiton (username, password). Can you show the chat with users authenticated on caspio (you can also use Auth 2.0, Rest API in caspio
aasker over 5 years ago
Hello. As this was not mentioned in the description, this is as far as I can go for this bounty. Maybe you can open a new bounty for the authenticated users task?
kostasx over 5 years ago
Increased bounty
aasker over 5 years ago