Integrate Coinfloor's BIST API into the XChange Library
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Coinfloor has an API for users looking to trade programmatically. We require an integration of Coinfloor's BIST API into the XChange library. XChange is Java library providing a single API which can be used to trade across multiple bitcoin exchanges. Coinfloor's BIST API is very similar to the Bitstamp API, so the integration will be similar to the Bitstamp integration in XChange. Links to Coinfloor's BIST API, the XChange library and the Bitstamp implementation on the XChange library can all be found below:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi, i can do it for you, i have a good experience in the Blockchain. but, the problem is, that i haven't paypal. if you ensure paying me through bitcoin or payoneer, i can do it fo you. this is my email, you can contact me if you want. email:
Chlegou almost 6 years ago
as i said, i can work on it if you want. but can't be paid here. if you accept that, i will do it.
Chlegou almost 6 years ago
i can't do it in one day :p .need to understand the documentation and the exchange library. have nothing to do, if he didn't contact me
Chlegou almost 6 years ago
Then you should ask @CFE user here in the comments if he does not provide enough information for the task to be done.
anonymous1 almost 6 years ago
actually, he provided everything, but not enough time to complete it
Chlegou almost 6 years ago
Hi @Optimist - looks like you and aretheregods are the only ones working on it. @Houcem, 7 days is the maximum the site allows. However, you can submit a partial/incomplete solution today before the deadline and finish tomorrow (emailing it to us). After the deadline expires we still have 2 days to decide the winner.
CFE almost 6 years ago
@CFE , it's good that you here, i'm available, for tonight and tomorrow, so can work on it, but, if you can make your money back from than, and i can deliver it for you, as you will request (didn't start working on it) , and you can pay me through other payments service. or contact me at so we can talk more. any other opportunities, i'm ready for.
Chlegou almost 6 years ago
awarded to anonymous1

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It seems like you are not using the BIST API. Could you clarify your approach and reasoning?
CFE almost 6 years ago
OK thanks! Just make sure to include an example of the test output.
CFE almost 6 years ago
Hi optimist. We have reviewed the code you provided and unfortunately it is not of sufficient quality. Very high-level, there are many issues with the code due to the code not making use of Coinfloor's Java client library, opting instead to make use of a generic WebSocket client library. The code would be much more compact if the existing Coinfloor client library was used. Also, there was an attempt to implement a Coinfloor XChange module a few years ago, and that code contained a number of performance bugs. We could be wrong but this code appears to be based on that code. Therefore, we have decided to implement the XChange SPI for Coinfloor ourselves in house. However, as you made an attempt, we will still award you the bounty.
CFE almost 6 years ago
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