Install Drupal cloud sandbox for "markaspot" distribution
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Install Markaspot Drupal distribution on free cloud sandbox

Hi there!

It's been a while since I've done much work in Drupal, but I'd like to test out the Mark-A-Spot distro without investing too much time in setup. Not being very familiar with the distribution config process anymore, I was wondering if someone would mind deploying the distribution either to Acquia or Pantheon in a free sandbox for me to play with as an admin.

If you'd rather deploy the distro to a different cloud location, that's fine with me! I should only need it live for ~7 days or so to evaluate.

Supposedly Acquia makes this process quite simple, but it's yet to work for me.

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You can use to evaluate the distro:

Just click the "Launch sandbox" button and follow the installation steps (you can simply use the default options supplied) and you'll have an operational sandbox in a few minutes.