Include Wookmark script to my page
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I need to integrate the Wookmark plugin ( with my news page, so it no longer uses CSS3-columns, but instead Wookmark to present the social updates by time (you can include the HTML5 tag if needed).
Its very important its responsive and don't get bigger margins, but fill out the area like now. For this page, it needs to have infinite scroll, which is included in the plugin.

FYI the Wookmark.js is already copy-pasted in to the app.'s, so no need to include this.

You can download the site (only the files needed) here:

Its very important that you do not change other classes, as they're used all over the site. If needed, please ask me.

I'll be honest, this doesn't seem like a $1 bounty that any developer would be interested in solving. It looks more complex and I'd suggest upping your bounty.
akshatpradhan 6 years ago
Name your price and I can always increase the bounty if we agree on the fee :)
CPHREC 6 years ago
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