include li's and better HTML5 semantic incl rich snippets for a simple page
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I have a page where I'll display some albums and singles from different artists. Right now I've made them as divs (with HTML5 semantics), but because there will be many different numbers of albums, I think it should be wrapped in li's, so I can use such things as "first-child" aso for flexible padding. Also I have some layout problems, so they should be fixed too.

Also I need to make sure I use proper html5 semantics (NO JS!). If you can include the right Rich Snippets for these musicalbums, that would be awesome!

You can download the files needed, and please upload it again when done instead of a jsfiddle-link.


Download files:

I'll be honest, this doesn't seem like a $1 bounty that any developer would be interested in solving. It looks more complex and I'd suggest upping your bounty.
apr over 8 years ago
Just name your price and if we agree I'll increase the bounty :)
CPHREC over 8 years ago
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