Improving WooCommerce's Product Add-Ons File Uploading
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πŸ‘‹ I want to add functionality to the WordPress WooCommerce plugin available here (if that link doesn't work, you may need a GPLDL account. I will look for an alternative source though. I'd like to replace the need to add several file upload fields with one multiple file upload field without using a different Add-Ons plugin.

In other words, I would like to add the option to, instead of adding several product file upload fields to a product, add a drag/drop or click to upload multiple files field.

If it helps, here is an image of what I have, and here is an example (not saying this code is important, just the functionality) of what I'd like to have. An important criteria of this is that it needs to work as it currently does, in that any added files are added to the order and visible via the email that WooCommerce sends.

If anyone is able to come up with a solution, I'd be willing to tip for extras. Please let me know if there is any info I can add that will lead to a solution.

Thank you!

Hi, something like this will do?
– SilverHood Apps 19 days ago
Implemented using plugin by Glen Don L. Mongaya
– SilverHood Apps 19 days ago
Hi SilverHood Apps, yes, that looks aesthetically right. :) Just need to be sure it works with WooCommerce as described above. Thanks
– sharper 19 days ago
Sure, anytime
– SilverHood Apps 19 days ago
Hi looks good ! Doesn't seem to have progressbar, cross weighted features? Mainly attach to email or send as links
– SilverHood Apps 18 days ago
Hi, yes, agreedβ€”all of those things would be an incredible plus. I think I just meant the general idea. :)
– sharper 18 days ago
Ok.. they exists in plugin by Glen Don L. mongaya as per its description.. Incase you're looking at long term plugin this is it..
Else the one by can suffice too with little less functionality better button.. doable.
– SilverHood Apps 18 days ago
I may be missing something but I'm not looking for a plugin by someone else; and it'd need to work with WooCommerce?
– sharper 17 days ago
Ohh.. By that I now understand that a plugin isn't what you're looking for but own build component for solving the stated problem. I'll provide my view in a clear way below..
– SilverHood Apps 17 days ago
I am of the view that, to solve your single file upload issue I propose to you this open source plugin that works with WooCommerce & has been updated just few weeks before. Solves your problem..
Installation is this way which I found out by searching.. There are lot of features listed on the said page, mainly multi file upload, restrictions on filesize, email etc. Best part its open source!
Incase you're still looking for code / other than above, I would pass the opportunity to other mates here..but otherwise its still worth a shot
– SilverHood Apps 17 days ago
Any luck sharper?
– SilverHood Apps 15 days ago
Hi again SH A. I appreciate the info. Alas, no luck.
– sharper 14 days ago
Sharper, I have PM you a link, with the changes you asked for. kindly check the plugin and let me know if it solves your issue.
– Zhopon 14 days ago
This looks usual, impressed, Zhopon
– sharper 14 days ago
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Hi Sharper ,

I am glad you liked my Solution.

Feel Free to let me know if you have any question.

All the best! Cheers
– sharper 14 days ago